Yuliya Burankova

Bioinformatician, molecular biologist. Hamster-lover


I graduated from the Bioinformatics Institute “Bioinformatics for biologists” program in 2022.

During studying, I did several projects:

Also, I have experience in molecular biology and protein engineering.


Nov 3, 2022 Hi! :sparkles: :smile: Welcome to the page. Here you can find my CV, my list of publication and links to my GitHub!

selected publications

  1. Age in gene regulatory networks
    Y. Burankova, and E. Zhivkoplias
    Bioinformatics Institute 2021/22. 2022
  2. 5′-DMT-protected double-stranded DNA: Synthesis and competence to enzymatic reactions
    V. V. Shchur, Y. Burankova, A.I. Zhauniarovich, and 3 more authors
    Analytical Biochemistry 2021